About [BB]

Blanke Arbitration is an arbitration-specialist boutique with a focus on international commercial and investment arbitration. We offer premium arbitrator services and arbitration counseling in arbitrations around the globe. We operate out of a number of strategic locations in Europe and the Middle East, having a presence in Dubai, London and Paris. Out of these locations, we easily reach into the surrounding region, including Germany, the Nordic countries, the Central and Eastern European countries. From Dubai more specifically, we also service arbitrations seated in Asia, including in particular Singapore and Hong Kong.

Blanke Arbitration was founded by Dr. Gordon Blanke, who presently acts as its Founding Partner. Dr. Blanke enjoys an international reputation in the field of international arbitration and is more specifically recognised as a leading arbitration practitioner in Europe and the Middle East. Dr. Blanke’s long-standing experience and thought leadership in international arbitration in both civil and common law jurisdictions give Blanke Arbitration a unique pedigree.