The Idea

Blanke Arbitration is borne out of a conviction that in the modern world of arbitration, client interests are best served by boutique practices that operate under the leadership of individuals recognised for their experience and expertise in arbitration. Boutique practices are uniquely placed to deliver the procedural and subject-matter expertise required for the seamless conduct of an arbitration process at a cost that reflects the size and complexity of the individual dispute. Boutique practices are able to operate on a basis that allows the necessary flexibility to source case teams depending on the specific procedural and subject-matter requirements of the individual reference. Only boutique practices are able to provide the comfort and reassurance that those with senior experience and expertise are involved first-hand in the conduct of the arbitration process and in the client’s representation before the tribunal. Boutique practices have unique access to ancillary services customised to meet individual client needs, both pending the arbitration process and post-award. With this in mind, Blanke Arbitration makes premium quality arbitration services available to a wide spectrum of eligible clients, offering a value proposition that – albeit uncompromising on the premium quality of the services delivered – creates tangible financial economies taking full account of the size and complexity of the individual dispute.

Taking the lead from its Founding Partner, Blanke Arbitration is built on an ethos of integrity and professionalism and endeavours to make first-rate arbitration services available to a wide spectrum of eligible clients, accepting instructions in disputes of varying size and in all industry sectors. We offer wholesale counseling services, guiding our clients through an arbitration process from start to finish, under all the world’s leading arbitration rules, and assisting them in the resolution of their dispute under a wide range of governing laws. We pride ourselves on providing our own written and oral advocacy, but are equally flexible to team up with external providers to deliver a seamless service, in particular in more complex disputes that require a more sizeable team. To that end, we entertain close links not only with the international advocacy profession, but also with local firms that specialise in domestic litigation and can assist in securing ancillary measures from the local courts in support of a domestic or international arbitration or in facilitating the recognition and enforcement of domestic or foreign arbitral awards in the UAE and the wider Middle East. In this sense, Blanke Arbitration provides a fully integrated service to clients that seek representation in arbitration, including post-award.

In the alternative, we are available to co-counsel with other external service providers, providing e.g. written and/or oral advocacy services on a bespoke basis, depending on individual client requirements.

In his personal capacity, Dr. Blanke also acts as arbitrator under the world’s leading institutional rules and ad hoc under a range of governing laws and in all industry sectors. Subject to conflict clearance, Dr. Blanke is generally available for appointments as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator or chair.

Through Dr. Blanke, Blanke Arbitration plays an active role in a number of international arbitration institutions and organisations, including in particular the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) in London, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the Austrian Arbitration Association, the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), the German Arbitration Institution (DIS), the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), the ICC Commission on Arbitration & ADR, the ICC Commission on Competition, the IBA Arbitration and Antitrust Committees, the Djibouti International Arbitration Centre (DJIAC) and the International Arbitration Institute (IAI), Paris.